Performance and development appraisal policy

Appraisal core principles

All employees will take part in a formal annual performance and development appraisal process.

The appraisal year runs from April and is reviewed by the end of March the following year.

Objective setting 

Individual performance objectives should relate to the overall objectives of the service area. 

Appraisers will: 

  • set objectives in line with the corporate plan and with the responsibility level and scope of work in the appraisee's current job description (and role descriptor where this exists) 
  • discuss and confirm any significant changes to objectives and action plans with the individual employee 
  • assess performance against objectives, targets and values by objective evidence.
  • share responsibility with the appraisee for monitoring progress on the agreed objectives 
  • demonstrate the consistency of objectives set across their team to their line manager 

We will factor long-term planned absences into objective-setting timescales. Where appropriate, we will hold a performance and development appraisal before the absence starts. 


We will keep a written record of all performance and development appraisal meetings. They must be typed into the appraisal form and saved to a secure location. 

There is a suggested template available to record one to ones.

Meeting dates of appraisals are recorded on the appraisee's Business World employment record by the appraiser. One to one meetings can be recorded as 'supervision'.

The electronic, audio or video recording by any device of appraisal meetings will not be permitted, unless express authorisation has been received from the appropriate senior manager prior to any such recording taking place.


The appraisal document will remain confidential between: 

  • the appraisee
  • the appraiser 
  • the appraiser's manager 


Appraisers will ask the appraisee if they need any additional support or equipment to perform their role effectively. This may be ICT equipment or flexible working arrangements. They should discuss whether they need any reasonable adjustments or are still appropriate, if already in place, to support a disability.  


The five-point rating scale is under review during the 2021 appraisal year.  At the end of year review, managers will assess any objectives as:

  • met
  • partially met
  • not met

Mitigating circumstances 

Employees may fail to achieve objectives due to issues outside their control. Managers must consider this when they assess performance. Managers should disregard objectives that employees could not achieve because they were outside their control. 

Professional competencies

Professional competencies may be used within the appraisal process alongside the corporate values and behaviours and the appraisal form. The use of professional competencies must be approved by the relevant director.