Performance and development appraisal policy

Performance management framework

All performance and development appraisals are part of our performance management framework.

Our performance and development appraisals:

Some areas may wish to use:

  • professional competencies
  • standards set by relevant professional bodies

We want to ensure that employees at all levels can see and understand that the objectives we set contribute to the council's success.

Appraisers must ensure that all appraisals are fair and equitable for all appraisees, in line with our diversity and inclusion policy.

Formal disciplinary and grievance issues are not part of the performance and development appraisal procedure. We will deal with these separately. We will record any issues about poor performance in the appraisal meeting documentation. We want to ensure that any contradictory messages given to the employee do not undermine the formal monitoring of performance (through the capability policy).

We do not usually allow electronic, audio or video recordings of performance and development appraisal meetings. The appropriate senior manager must give express authorisation before any such recording takes place.

This policy aims to create a performance management framework to ensure that all employees:

  • have an annual face-to-face performance and development appraisal meeting
  • receive regular one to one meetings with their line manager to discuss their performance during the year and discuss:
    • wellbeing
    • progress on objectives
    • work activity
    • learning
    • development
  • know, at the beginning of their employment, the standard of performance we expect
  • will have an initial appraisal shortly after starting their employment or new post
  • are set appropriate, outcome-focussed and SMART objectives with their appraiser to achieve over the year, which are linked to the corporate plan priorities
  • are made aware of any areas in their work that are not to the required standard
  • receive recognition for their achievements
  • receive regular feedback with the aim to support and to improve and develop their performance
  • identify with their line manager their learning and development needs and aspirations in a development plan
  • have their objectives linked to our values and behaviours
  • can identify skills and knowledge development needs