Green Masterplan actions

What we are doing

We are playing a leading role in tackling some of the most pressing and urgent actions to reduce carbon and our impacts on the environment.

It has an Environment Programme board, which is accountable for reporting on the organisation's carbon emissions. The board is aligned with the Lincolnshire Council Leaders and Chief Executives Group who provide the strategic overview.

Working together with other public sector partners, including; Lincolnshire Waste Partnership, Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership, Central Lincolnshire Planning Group, Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Flood Risk and Water Management Partnership.

During the next 10 years (2021-2030), we are focusing on three main areas to reduce carbon and our impacts on the environment:

Alongside this, there are many areas where we are making changes:

  • In our buildings and schools, looking at more eco-friendly construction, low carbon technology heating systems, and eco-design standards for new buildings.
  • When we buy things we are looking the opportunities for economies of scale, reducing waste, and purchasing from responsible suppliers.
  • We are reducing our use of paper across the authority.
  • We are looking at our county farms for more opportunities for tree planting.
  • We are supporting staff to make positive low carbon decisions at home (salary sacrifice for home energy efficiency installations).
  • We are working with our pensions provider to explore opportunities to make low carbon investment opportunities for an ESCo.
  • We are giving our staff the best IT support and rolling out Office 365 and video conferencing facilities, reducing the need for travel.
  • We are reviewing how our staff commute – looking at altering work patterns to aid public transport commuting.
  • All our fleet vehicles will be ultra-low emissions by 2050. A minimum target for 2030 should be 20%, however 50% should be achievable.
  • We are reviewing our car lease scheme, removing carbon intensive vehicles and replacing with electric vehicles.  
  • We are working with our waste teams to consider eco-friendly ways of reducing the environmental impacts of Waste Services.

Together with the community, we are:

  • setting up a Lincolnshire Environmental Fund
  • supporting the emerging Lincoln Climate Commission
  • supporting and building resilience across Lincolnshire businesses to the impacts of climate change.