Highways Funding

Keeping you on the road

For the financial year of 2019/20 Lincolnshire County Council had its maintenance funding from the Government cut by a massive £12m. This was to have a huge effect on the county’s roads.

Because of the cash cut, county councillors voted to fill the void so that essential road works could still be carried out. They did this using council funding reserves for the year – but this is something that they won’t be able to do in the future.

This missing £12m pays for filling 24,000 potholes and rebuilding 37 miles of deteriorating road per year.

Now, as the Department for Transport begins looking at funding allocations for 2022/23, we are calling on the Government to repair the £12m pothole it has left in our roads.

Cllr Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “It was incredibly disappointing when the Government cut our highways funding by 25% last February.

"We’re a large rural county and our residents place a huge amount of importance on well-maintained roads – something we’re doing our best to deliver but are struggling to fund.”

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