Smoking and vaping safety

More people die in fires caused by smoking than any other causes.

If you do smoke in your home:

  • do not smoke if you are tired or in bed
  • do not leave cigarettes alight
  • double-check your cigarette is stubbed out
  • use a proper ash tray which has water in
  • do not leave matches or lighters within reach of children
  • make sure you have working smoke alarms and test them regularly


E-cigarettes have become a popular alternative to smoking. This is also known as vaping.

To reduce your risk of fire or accidents:

  • only use the charger supplied with your vaping kit
  • read the instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer
  • do not over-tighten the screwed connection to the battery
  • do not leave your e-cigarette on charge overnight or unattended
  • only buy chargers with the CE mark

For advice on how to give up smoking or vaping, visit the One You website.

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