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Taxi driver assessments

As part of Lincolnshire local taxi licensing authority policy of risk and casualty reduction, applicants are required to attend a driving assessment.  This is to evidence their suitability and skill set toward safe and competent driving. The taxi driver assessment is mandatory.  It is designed to assess applicants’ driving skills and follows a managed approach to the safe use of vehicles.

The assessment consists of a practical drive with a driver trainer assessor lasting approximately one hour.  This is followed by a debrief lasting approximately 15 minutes. Applicants are required to demonstrate that as a driver they are above average, safe, and competent using a system of car control. An in-depth knowledge of the highway code is essential.

To pass the assessment, drivers must gain a final assessment result of 'low risk'.

Prior to taking the assessment, applicants are strongly advised to undertake driver training or enhancement with a professional approved driving instructor (at own cost).

Re-assessments cannot be offered until evidence of additional professional driver training or enhancement has been submitted.

Each assessment costs £80.  Assessments are usually held in Lincoln but can be arranged for Boston, if required. 

Assessment date waiting time can be up to eight weeks.

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If you require further information or advice, please contact: or call 01522 212313.