Gainsborough Corringham Road/Thorndike Way Junction Improvements

The Corringham Road/Thorndike Way junction improvement scheme has increased safety and improved traffic flow via the addition of traffic signals at all of the junction's approaches.

Aims and Benefits 

Now that the project is complete, these improvements will:

  • increase safety for all road users
  • reduce congestion and improve journey times in the area 
  • future-proof the junction so it can cope with increased traffic growth resulting from any new housing in the coming years

Cost and Funding

The scheme costed £1.5m and was jointly funded by:

  • County council - £623k
  • West Lindsey District Council/Developer - £500k
  • Greater Lincolnshire LEP - £500k


  • Dec 2019: Greater Lincolnshire LEP funding secured
  • July 2020: Scrutiny committee and executive approval
  • Sept 2020: Construction begins
  • Feb 2021: Project complete