Sleaford highway improvements

About the project

Holdingham Roundabout plan

Holdingham Roundabout plan

This scheme will ease congestion at the Holdingham roundabout and the Sleaford Rugby Club junction. It will also increase capacity and improve traffic flow in all directions.

The following improvements were completed in October 2020:

  • new lanes installed on all approaches to the A17/A153 rugby club junction
  • traffic signals installed at the A17/A153 rugby club junction
  • right-turn ban implemented from A153 onto the A17 slip road
  • 40mph speed restriction on A153 and A17 slip road

And these improvements will be carried out starting in early 2021:

  • additional lanes at each approach to Holdingham Roundabout
  • traffic signals installed at some approaches to Holdingham Roundabout

A17 A153 junction plan

A17 A153 junction plan

Aims and benefits

The project aims and benefits are to:

  • reduce congestion at Holdingham Roundabout and Sleaford Rugby Club junction
  • improve journey times and reliability along the route
  • future-proof the A17/A15 roundabout and A17/A153 junction to support increased growth
  • increase safety for all road users

Cost and funding

The total cost for both schemes will be £8.25m. This will be funded as follows:

  • £2m from the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s Single Local Growth Fund
  • £250k from North Kesteven District Council
  • £3.5m from us
  • £2.5m from S106 developer contributions (forward funded by us)


*All future dates are projected and subject to change dependent on external factors.