Service planning and values

Our core service values are:

  • service to the community
  • our people
  • diversity
  • improvement

Our staff shape our values as they help guide our decisions, actions and behaviours.

For more information about our values, read our organisational culture booklet.

For an overview of our current objectives and priorities, read part one of our service plan.

For details about our tasks and activities, read part two of our service plan.

Forward planning and scrutiny

By law, we must publish:

  • an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) covering a three-year time span.
  • an annual Statement of Assurance

The IRMP identifies risks to the community that we can do something about and our plans to reduce them.

Download our IRMP for 2016-2020.

There are five supporting frameworks you can download.

The Statement of Assurance shows that our finances, governance and operations have been subject to scrutiny.

Download our Statement of Assurance