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Council Services:


Lincolnshire County Council has an important role in protecting, managing and promoting the county’s natural environment.

  • Landscape and Nature Conservation

    The protection, promoting and maintenance of landscape and nature in Lincolnshire.

  • Archaeology

    Lincolnshire is rich in archaeological remains that must be preserved for the future.

  • Listed Buildings

    Listed buildings are legally protected and consent is normally required for any alterations.

  • Conservation Areas

    Areas of special architectural or historic interest that are worthy of preservation or enhancement.

  • Ecological and Geological Services

    Biodiversity is the whole range of living things, from the largest tree to the smallest creature.

  • Historic Environment Record

    The Historic Environment Record is a database of all known archaeology in Lincolnshire.

  • Scheduled Monuments

    'Scheduling' is the process through which sites and monuments are given legal protection.

  • Landscape Character Assessment

    Technique to facilitate systematic analysis, description and classification of the landscape.

  • Tree Management

    Management of highway trees and other trees on land in the council's ownership.

  • Every Street Matters

    Looking at how everyone who carries out works can improve the way the spaces look and feel.

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