Appeal a school place decision

How to appeal

You can request an appeal form below.

Most schools in Lincolnshire accept our appeal form. You must clearly state your reasons for your appeal on the form and, if possible, provide any supporting evidence.

You must put your child's name on anything you send us, so we know who it is for. You can submit more information later.

If we do not receive supporting information by the deadline, the panel may not consider it. We may blank out other people's faces or personal details on documents you send us.

Those with a different form are listed below. If the school has a different form then send any supporting evidence directly to the school.

To appeal for a school in another local authority, go to the schools website for information on how to appeal.

Timetable for offer dates and appeals

  Secondary schools Primary schools
National offer day 1 March 2023 17 April 2023
Deadline for an appeal to be received 28 March 2023 19 May 2023 

We will hear appeals made after these deadlines but they may not be with others for that school.

The schools that organise their own appeals may use different dates. Visit the school's website for more information.

Appeal forms

Some schools deal with their own appeals and do not accept our form below. These schools are:

For appeals for all other schools, use the form below.

Request a school appeal form

Infant class size appeals

Where an infant class (reception, year 1 and year 2) has 30 children already, panels are limited on what they can consider at an appeal. 

Grammar school appeals

If you wish to appeal your child's 11+ score, you need to show they should have met the required standard. You could send:

  • a school report
  • written work (artwork may not photocopy well)
  • a teacher or headteacher's supporting letter

If the school is full and your child did not qualify, you must show why your child should have qualified. If something happened that affected testing, you may send details and evidence.

If the school is full and the panel believe your child should have passed, it does not mean they will grant a place. The panel will consider the school's case and then decide. You will need to show that your case outweighs the school's case.

Sixth form appeals

For sixth form appeals, the parent, carer or young person can appeal. Contact the school directly for more information.

You must show that they or you can cope with the workload and were expected to reach the required standard.