Going to school in Lincolnshire guide

Free school meals

School meals contribute to the development of good food habits. Eating a healthy balanced diet has proven benefits for health and concentration. School meals can have significant benefits both for individual children and for the broader life of the school.

The correct balance of food groups in the mandatory school food standards is intended to:

  • help healthy eating habits
  • ensure that children get the energy and nutrition they need across the whole school day

It is also very important for food to look good, taste delicious and be served in a pleasant environment.

Read more about the school food standards on the government's website. Please contact your child's school for information on menus, school catering and how to order meals.

You can apply for free school meals or contact your child's school for further information.

All children in reception to year 2 receive a universal free school meal. Free milk is provided in our nursery schools and nursery classes.

If your child is eligible and registered for a free school meal, their school receives a pupil premium funding allocation. This is set by the government and can be spent on additional resources to help support your child.