Proposed post 16 education transport policy statement

Transport arrangements for learners when they reach 19

Any young person wishing to check their eligibility for transport beyond years 12 and 13, will need to complete a new application for consideration.

We will continue support for the remainder of that school or college year only providing the student or pupil:

  • had not reached his or her nineteenth birthday before the programme of learning began.  (A date of 1 September is used to determine the notional start date of a course)
  • remains otherwise eligible for transport

This is subject to the financial contribution being paid.

Where a learner has begun their programme of learning before their nineteenth birthday and we have determined it is necessary to support the transport, they will be asked to make a contribution towards the transport support. 

Transport is provided at the beginning and end of the school or college day. The transport provision is one outward journey and one return journey, timed for the start and finish of the school or college day. Transport is provided to the main school or college sites only in most cases.  Transport is not normally provided to satellite sites as an entitlement. We will only support transport to a satellite site:

  • if this site is closer than the main campus
  • where an entitlement has been determined, and
  • the satellite site is over three miles from the home address

Transport will only continue beyond the age of 18 for learners with learning difficulties and, or disabilities who are subject to an EHCP.  We may offer transport support until they are 25 years old, if needed to complete an appropriate programme of learning.