The virtual school

Personal Education Plans (PEP)

Every child in care must have a care plan, part of which is the PEP.

A PEP should support a child’s personalised learning from pre-school to age 18. It is a record of what needs to happen to enable them to fulfil their potential.

The quality of the PEP is the joint responsibility of:

  • the county council
  • virtual school heads
  • schools
  • designated teachers
  • social workers
  • carers and other professionals

PEP meetings usually take place every term in a relevant educational setting.

They should always involve the child and, where appropriate, the child’s parent and, or relevant family member.

The meetings will include a review of the child’s progress, discussion about their future needs and decisions about funding.

Once a PEP has been drawn up for a child or young person, you can access it online via ePEP.