Request a carer's assessment

How to prepare

A carer's assessment is for someone who looks after an adult who is frail, disabled, seriously ill, has a mental health problem or abuses substances.

It is also for parents of children with disabilities or serious long term conditions. 

It is an opportunity to consider your own wellbeing and what your needs are.

We look at the impact of caring on your physical and mental health and other areas of life, such as work. We also look at whether you are willing and able to carry on providing care.

We look at the support you need and come up with a plan together. We use national eligibility criteria if funded support is required.

You will be asked to talk about what is working well and what you enjoy doing. We will also ask you what you struggle with in providing the care you do.

Before your assessment, you should consider:

  • whether you can talk freely in front of the person you look after
  • whether you want to, or can, carry on caring for the person you look after
  • if there is anything or anyone that could make life easier and support you
  • what would happen to the person you care for if you were unable to
  • whether you know what a good day or week looks like
  • whether being a carer affects your relationships with other people
  • if you have a job, that your employer knows you are a carer
  • whether you have time to look after your own health and wellbeing
  • what aspects of caring you enjoy or feel you do well and what you struggle with

You can make notes during your assessment, if you wish.

You could try talking with family and friends about the care you provide and how it affects you. You could also keep a diary for a week.

For more advice, visit the CarersUK website.