Young carers

Young Carer Card

Apply for a young carer card
Young carers are under 18 and are not usually the next of kin. Sometimes, professionals do not feel they can share confidential information with them.

We have created the young carer card to help prevent issues around age and consent.

A professional working with a 'cared-for' person may choose to discuss things with a cardholder.

The card does not give the young carer an automatic right to information. 

A professional may share information about:

  • medication (for example, its effects and safe handling)
  • the diagnosis (for example, background information and living with or managing a condition)
  • the prognosis (for example, how the condition may or may not develop in the future)

Before you apply, you will need:

  • consent from your parent, if possible
  • a digital passport-size photograph