Short breaks services

Short breaks

Short breaks provide young people with disabilities an opportunity to: 

  • spend time away from their parents 
  • have fun with their friends 
  • give their families a break from caring responsibilities 

Short breaks can occur during the day or evening, overnight or on weekends. They can last a few hours or several days and can be in various locations, like: 

  • the family home 
  • a carer’s home 
  • a residential setting 
  • a universal or specialist community facility or service 

We can also help families to access holidays at highly-subsidised rates at: 

  • The Thomas Centre, a specialist autism-friendly holiday centre 
  • Butlins' Skegness, which has two bespoke caravans 

For a list of short break providers, visit our family services directory

Who are short breaks for? 

Short breaks are for any person aged 0 to 18 with a disability, including: 

  • children and young people with an autistic spectrum disorder 
  • severe learning disabilities 
  • complex health needs 
  • cognitive or sensory impairments 
  • moving or handling needs 
  • life-limiting conditions 

If you are wondering about what happens when you turn 18, don’t worry, if you are already open to a children’s services team, they will submit a referral on your behalf to the Adult Social Care team before you turn 18. If you would like more information please visit our transition to adulthood page

What service do short breaks provide? 

Short breaks offer different provision for different levels of need.  

Assessed needs can be for residential or overnight respite care or other social care support.  

Non-assessed can be for: 

  • clubs 
  • activities 
  • subsidised breaks countywide 

To help activity workers understand and meet a young person's needs, you can download the All About Me booklet. It can be filled in electronically or printed off. 

It can help explain the young person's: 

  •  likes and dislikes 
  • how they like to be communicated with 
  • how they show they are happy or sad 

How to access the service

Overnight residential short breaks are dependent on many factors. They are only granted following an assessment of needs process by social care.  

We can guide you towards a suitable range of options.

To get in touch, email or call 01522 782111.