Grievance policy and procedure

Grievance appeal

If the employee is dissatisfied with the outcome, they have a right to appeal. This also applies to cases where mediation has not secured agreement by all parties. They will need to state the grounds of the appeal clearly. This should include the basis on which they believe that the result of the grievance was wrong.  

Appeals should be in writing, to the head of HR within ten working days of either:  

  • receipt of the outcome notification  
  • or, confirmation from the mediator that mediation has not secured agreement 

A senior manager will hear the grievance appeal. This will be within a reasonable time. The senior manager will be the Head of Service from the service area concerned or an individual at an equivalent or higher level. An HR representative and a note-taker will be present.  

The manager who heard the formal grievance may be required to attend. They will describe the investigations, considerations made and the reasons for the decisions they reached.  

The appeal meeting is not intended to re-hear the entire grievance or raising any new issues.  

The appeal manager will consider the grounds the employee has put forward for the appeal. They will discuss the resolution the employee seeks. They will assess whether or not the conclusion reached in the original grievance hearing was appropriate. 

This will take place, following an adjournment, in person. It will be confirmed in writing to both the employee and the manager.  

This decision is final and marks the end of the grievance procedure.