Apply to move school

Applying if you are moving house

If you are moving house, you can apply for a school place before you move. The application will be based on your current address unless you are a member of the UK armed forces or returning crown servants, where different rules apply.

You can apply for any mainstream school in Lincolnshire online, except Lincoln University Technical College (UTC). You must apply to this school on the UTC website.

You need to ensure your moving date is correct on your application and contact us if that changes before a place is offered.

You need to ensure that you include your child's current school information on your application form so we can see if your child is already attending a school within a reasonable distance from home. If you include this, it will help ensure your application is completed on time.

A reasonable distance is:

  • five miles from primary school
  • 10 miles for secondary school (or the three closest Lincolnshire schools, if there are not three schools within 10 miles)

We will advise you of the outcome of your application within 15 school days. If none of the schools on your application can offer you a place and you do not have a school within a reasonable distance of your home address, we will look for the closest school with a place for you.

This search will be done within 15 days of your arrival in the county or in advance of a move for a forces child.

If your application is unsuccessful, you should contact the schools listed to update your reserve list position once you have moved.

Apply to move school