Apply to move school

Service personnel and crown servants

You can apply for a school place in advance of a forces move. Unless you have a posting, this will usually be based on your current address. If you have a posting, a future address can be used.

If you do not have a future address, you can apply using your unit postal address. You can also use this rather than your future address if you prefer.

You can apply six weeks in advance.

We will follow the schools admissions policy when considering your application. You must send us proof of your posting.

We will ask the schools you apply for if they wish to offer you a place, even if they are full. They will comply with their policy when making this decision.

If no schools you list can offer a place, we will offer you a place at the closest school to your new address with spaces available. This will be done before your move if you have a posting order. If you do not have a posting order, this will be done when you arrive.

If you are not offered your preferred schools and choose to appeal, the appeal may be treated differently for a forces child.

For further advice, email

Apply to move school