Apply to move school

Before you apply

Parents or carers can apply for an in-year place at any time but a school will only hold a place for six school weeks.

There is no guarantee that a place will be available at your preferred school.

You do not need to apply for a mid-year place if your child will:

When starting school in these years there is a separate process to apply for a school place.

You should check if your child is eligible for free or post-16 school transport before making your application.

Please read the going to school in Lincolnshire guide.

You can use our directory to find out more about a school.

School issues

If your child is unhappy, discuss this with your child’s headteacher first. Only make a midyear application if you are sure the issue cannot be resolved.

If your child has special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and you need further advice, contact Liaise or call them on 0800 195 1635. If your child has an education and health care plan (EHCP), contact your caseworker.

If you are thinking of moving schools because your child is at risk of being excluded, email for advice.