Apply to move school

Before you apply

Applying to move schools for an in-year place should only be done if:

  • you are moving house
  • you want to move your child from their current school for any other reason

An in-year place refers to starting at a new school after the schools intake has normally happened. This is September of reception year for primary and infant schools, September of Year 3 for junior schools and September of Year 7 for secondary schools.

You do not need to make an in-year application for your child to start:

When applying for a school place in advance of starting in any of these year groups, applying for a school place is a separate process.

You can apply for an in-year place at any time, but a school will only hold a place for six school weeks. There is no guarantee that a place will be available at your preferred school.

If you wish to list a grammar school on your application form, you need to arrange to sit their admissions test. Contact the school directly prior to application.

You can use our directory to learn more about a school.

You can use our nearest school search tool to find the schools closest to your home address.

Our Going to school in Lincolnshire guide can provide further information about applying to move schools.

School transport

You should check if your child is eligible for free or post-16 school transport before applying, as this might influence which schools you choose to apply for.