Apply for a school

Applying to secondary schools

You should apply for your child to start secondary school when they are in year 6.

Lincoln University Technical College (UTC) admits children from year 10. If your child is in year 9 and you want to apply for a place at this school, you should contact UTC.

In our going to school in Lincolnshire guide, you can find out more information about applying for a secondary school place and what to do if your child is educated in a year group outside their age group.

Application dates

Key dates Details
8 September 2023 Admissions open
31 October 2023 Admissions close (national closing date)
14 December 2023 Lincolnshire final closing date for late applications and changes (your application may not be accepted if you apply to schools outside of Lincolnshire)
1 March 2024 Admissions reopen for late applications and changes
25 March 2024 Admissions close
after 10 April 2024 Main allocation process ends and all further applications are dealt with on at least a weekly basis

When you apply:

  • you can select up to three schools, which you should put in order of your preference
  • it is recommended to check if your child is eligible for free or post-16 school transport before you apply, as this might determine which schools you choose to apply for
  • you can amend your application at any time before the final closing date. If you miss the first closing date, you will have to wait until admission reopens again. Please note this might not apply if you apply to a school outside of Lincolnshire. If this is the case, please check with the relevant authority for the school
  • if your child needs a school place in a different year group or wants to move schools at another point during the year, you will need to apply to move schools

Make or amend a school application

If you have applied online and still need to submit your application, you can make any changes to your online application by logging back into your Parent Portal account.

If you have already submitted your application, please email with the changes you wish to make.

If you want to make changes after receiving an offer of a school place, please refer to the guidance in your offer letter on how to make a revised application.