Young People's Learning Provision

Community Action

Work experience is an important part of the Young People's Learning Provision. Getting involved with the local community is another avenue to boost the learners CV. See what they have been up to these recent months.

  •  Our learners at Louth Young People’s Learning Provision choose to volunteer at The Lighthouse Project, a charity. The learners took on various roles such as parcelling food donations, stacking shelves, litter picking the grounds and sanitizing toys that had been donated. The learners really enjoyed their time there.

 The Lighthouse Project publically thanked them on a social media post

  • As part of a charity themed week at Young People’s Learning Provision’s Spalding site, the learners decided that they would like to clean up their local area. They researched the price of litter picking equipment and then purchased these using funds that they had previously raised from a stall at the YPLP Christmas Fayre. Whilst carrying out the tidy-up mission, a local ’Womble’ spotted them whilst out walking her dog. 

She was that impressed by their commitment to their local community that she mentioned them on social media 

Young adults stood in a line outside a building, holding litter pickers and bin bags

Young People’s Learning Provision’s Spalding site


  • Lincoln YPLP organized a tea party to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. Learners participated in decorating, food preparation, and enjoyed the event with their peers. They created decorations such as bunting, flags, and posters, researched royal and British themes, and brightened up the room. Learners from different days collaborated on organizing and budgeting for the afternoon tea. Some learners created quizzes about kings and queens, presenting them to the college for a competition. Learners also engaged in activities like designing place names and a biscuit decoration competition. The event fostered social interaction and a sense of community, with singing and dancing adding to the festive atmosphere.