About fostering

Family pic with two children

In Lincolnshire, we are looking for people to:

  • become long-term foster carers for a child or siblings until they reach adulthood
  • provide respite care to foster children and young people at least two weekends a month, plus during school holidays
  • become parent and child foster carers, who help parents to care for their child while staying with you when they need support
  • become Family Links foster carers, who offer short breaks for a child with a disability

Your social worker will discuss with you what types of children you are open to fostering during an assessment.

They will make a recommendation about what type of foster care to approve you for.

Connected person carers

Wherever possible, we try to arrange for children to live with:

  • a member of their family
  • a friend
  • a person connected to the child

We will check and assess these people in the same way as mainstream foster carers.

For advice on how to become a connected person carer, call 01522 554066.