Family pic with two children


You can foster!

We are committed to recruiting a diverse range of foster carers from differing backgrounds and life experiences.

We value the different perspectives people can bring to our team and believe that an inclusive fostering community enriches the lives of our children.

We consider each application on an individual basis so you can be a foster carer if you:

  • are single, married or unmarried
  • are heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender
  • are disabled or able-bodied
  • are employed or receiving benefits
  • have had your own children or not
  • are a homeowner or renting, but you must have a spare bedroom
  • are from any ethnic or religious background
  • there is no upper age limit to foster

Who cannot foster?

You cannot foster a child if you have any criminal cautions or convictions for:

  • offences against children
  • sexual offences against adults

You cannot foster a child under the age of five if you smoke, including e-cigarettes.

If you do not currently have a spare bedroom we are unable to progress your application to foster at this time.