Become a foster carer

These are the steps to becoming a foster carer:

  1. Enquiry - you can make an enquiry via our online form or by calling us
  2. Home visit - we will visit you to explain the process in detail
  3. Formal application - complete the application form to officially start the process
  4. Checks and references - this includes medical and criminal background checks
  5. Training - you must attend a three-day training course
  6. Assessment - a social worker will visit you at home to assess your ability to foster
  7. Approval - the fostering panel will make a recommendation whether to approve you
  8. Final decision - this is made by an assistant director of children's services
  9. Notification - you will be informed of the final decision in writing

Enquire about fostering

Alternatively, call 01522 554114 or come along to one of our information events

Transfer to us

If you are already a foster carer, you can transfer from your current agency or local authority to us.

We can offer you a great combination of support and rewards every step of the way.

If you do decide to transfer to us we will arrange to visit you at home to chat about what is involved.

We will then work with your existing service to make sure the children involved feel supported and disruption is kept to a minimum.