Rights of way

About rights of way

Rights of way are classified according to the nature of their use:

  • Footpath - foot only
  • Bridleway - foot, cycle or horseback
  • Restricted Byway - foot, cycle, horseback or carriage
  • Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) - foot, cycle, horseback or motor vehicle

Our Countryside Access Map shows all public rights of way, nature reserves and access land in Lincolnshire.

Public rights of way are recorded on Definitive Maps. The originals can be viewed at County Offices.

A permissive path is where the landowner allows the public access but may close the path occasionally.

Rights of way can only be closed with our permission. The Temporary Closures register records planned closures.

Livestock can be kept in fields crossed by rights of way. The exception is bulls on their own if over 10 months old. Beef bulls are allowed if kept with cows, however, dairy breed bulls are not.

Farmers, landowners, and the county council work together to maintain and manage rights of way.