Apply for the Covid-19 community fund scheme

Our Covid-19 Community Fund Scheme provides funding for local projects during the coronavirus pandemic.

Each of our 70 county councillors can allocate £3,000 towards initiatives which benefit the community. 

They can award the fund to a variety of groups and organisations, including:

  • registered charities
  • community groups
  • voluntary groups
  • social enterprise groups

Councillors can also pool their budgets to jointly fund a specific project. 

Each councillor will identify an organisation or good cause to support during or after the pandemic. All groups and organisations must be within the county.

What to prepare before applying:

  • brief description of your organisation, group or charity
  • description of the project
  • what you hope to achieve
  • proof of bank details

Apply for funding

What will not be funded?

  1. Projects or events that are for private gain
  2. Revenue costs that continue to be incurred after the project is complete
  3. Activities of a mainly political or religious nature
  4. Projects that only benefit an individual
  5. Applications from businesses

General conditions

  1. You must spend the award within three months and for the purposes you applied for
  2. We will not make awards retrospectively (for example, for work or equipment already purchased)
  3. We will not make awards in cash. Your group must have a bank account in the same name as the group/organisation.  Alternatively, you must nominate an individual who represents the group/organisation.
  4. You may be asked to take part in publicity (for example, send a group photo to share on social media)
  5. Any breach of these conditions could result in your group being asked to re-pay the award