Corporate plan

Support high aspirations


We are working towards making Lincolnshire a place where everyone has high aspirations for their lives and their communities.

We know that we have to work with others to help create the environment for this to happen. Our role in supporting our businesses to succeed is essential, enabling them to provide high-quality jobs, skills and development opportunities for residents of all ages and to attract people into our county.

We want Lincolnshire to be a place where our young people achieve their full potential, which will only be possible if Lincolnshire is seen as a great place for starting and building a career.

This means that we:

  • Help neighbourhoods flourish
  • Support businesses to succeed
  • Help our young people achieve
  • Offer additional learning options to all
  • Establish high-quality jobs, skills and development opportunities
  • Protect the environment for the future

Success for Lincolnshire means:

  • More people have the skills and attributes for work, enabling them to make a positive contribution to their community
  • More people are in higher-paid and skilled jobs
  • Increased economic productivity, driven by a flexible well-trained workforce
  • Local employers have the skills they need in a diverse and successful environment
  • More people leave education with better qualifications and skills
  • Improved use and protection of our natural and built resources

We will lead the way with others to:

  • Enhance the skills of our communities to meet the needs of our businesses and the economy
  • Grow the workforce by retaining and attracting more highly-skilled 18-40 year olds
  • Promote healthy, inclusive and accessible employment and learning opportunities
  • Champion educational excellence so every child/young person has a high-quality education to succeed in life
  • Deliver economic growth to create and sustain vibrant communities
  • Manage the risks to our environment from climate change to protect our natural and built resources for future generations
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