Corporate plan

Create thriving environments


Lincolnshire is a thriving county and we want communities to feel empowered to continually improve all aspects of their environment.

We want to build on our ambition of high aspirations and enhance Lincolnshire’s strengths, to sustain and develop a prosperous future.

We will work with others to enable the county to exceed its potential, making it an even better place to visit, live, relax, work and do business. A thriving county means making sure families can live safely and have access to great choice and high-quality education.

We want to enable everyone to have opportunities to enjoy their free time, which will mean improving our infrastructure across the county and looking after our places in a sustainable way.

We have an important role in advocating for Lincolnshire and in generating collective pride in our wonderful county.

This means that we:

  • Look after our places in a sustainable way
  • Develop our county for a prosperous future
  • Assist everyone to live safely
  • Provide great choice and high-quality education
  • Enable opportunities to enjoy free time

Success for Lincolnshire means:

  • All communities are benefitting from ‘clean’ economic and social growth
  • Better digital infrastructure, providing improved connectivity
  • More businesses are at the forefront of technology, research and development
  • More people visit and enjoy Lincolnshire’s leisure, tourism and cultural experiences
  • Lincolnshire secures more investment for a prosperous future
  • Roads and transport infrastructure continue to improve, with better maintenance and connectivity
  • Communities have accessible and high-quality public services
  • Safer, healthier, connected and resilient communities and businesses, working together to improve our neighbourhoods

We will lead the way with others to:

  • Advocate for investment in our transport and energy infrastructure, digital connectivity and schools, championing active, sustainable travel
  • Deliver ‘clean’ growth in the right place and at the right time
  • Champion Lincolnshire as a destination of choice to visit, live, relax, work and do business
  • Plan growth to benefit the whole community through connecting people, housing, employment, businesses and the natural environment
  • Provide sufficient, high-quality and inclusive education places locally
  • Improve the safety of local communities
Graphic illustrating how much money has been invested in flood risk and some interesting facts about Lincolnshire