Corporate plan

Provide good-value council services


Residents of Lincolnshire should be able to benefit from good-value council services and we are constantly working to make sure that is the norm.

We have maintained low council tax levels whilst continuing to deliver effective services and we intend to continue this approach. How we operate as an organisation must continually improve and be more customer-focused.

We want to focus on encouraging collaboration and innovation. This will help us make the best use of all our resources, particularly our buildings and funding.

This means that we:

  • Support community spaces and travel
  • Encourage innovation and are innovative ourselves
  • Make the best use of buildings and funding
  • Support those who need extra help, especially older residents
  • Provide support during key life events

Success for Lincolnshire means:

  • Understanding our communities and customers
  • Innovative services making best use of technology to meet the needs of our customers
  • Effective and efficient partnerships operate across Lincolnshire and are responsive to emerging opportunities
  • People’s needs are met in a timely, responsive and efficient way
  • Public sector buildings are used flexibly to benefit communities
  • Communities have a strong voice and are empowered to make a difference
  • High-quality public services are delivered in a cost effective way

We will lead the way with others to:

  • Design our processes and services to meet customers’ needs
  • Shout loud and proud for Lincolnshire to achieve our ambitions
  • Engage, listen and respond to our communities
  • Maximise opportunities to work with others and improve service delivery
  • Nurture and celebrate a forward-looking, high performing, skilled and empowered workforce
  • Continue to innovate and make best use of our assets
  • Get the most out of our shared public estate, to provide more community opportunities, housing, employment and accessible services
  • Put our customers first, so we respond with one voice, working effectively across teams
  • Be there when communities need us most, responding collaboratively to emergencies
A woman holding a small child to her and smiling