Equality, diversity and inclusion annual report 2023


The last year has seen further work taken forward across Lincolnshire County Council, with recruitment and retention of employees being high on our agenda. Our strength as a Council that delivers a wide range of services to residents and businesses continues to be dependent on the people we employ and our ability to value difference and diversity, both within our own staff and across the many communities that we serve in the county. 

Every day there are thousands of interactions between colleagues working in the Council and those living and working in the county – elected Members and officers, Lincolnshire residents and partners. The things we do are varied but they all revolve around relationships between people with different backgrounds, beliefs, wants and needs. We understand the importance of connecting with our varied and ever-changing communities.

We have sought the views of our employees through active engagement and by means of a Culture and Leadership stock take to identify new opportunities to ensure they feel valued, feel a sense of belonging while working in the Council and are best able to deliver excellent services for the people of Lincolnshire.

The data collected for this report shows improvements in the confidence of our workforce to share their characteristic information and continues to highlight areas where we can focus attention to ensure equity for our current and prospective colleagues.

We remain committed to embedding a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion for employees and residents here in Lincolnshire, so that the Council is an employer of choice, able to attract and retain high quality staff, so that we can continue to deliver the very best services to our residents and businesses.