Domestic Abuse

What you can do if in an abusive relationship

If you are in an abusive relation and not ready to leave, you should:

  • keep important phone numbers to hand
  • tell someone nearby you trust about the abuse. They can call the police if they hear violent noises
  • practice ways to get out of your home quickly and safely
  • keep safe places in your home where there are exits and no weapons

If you decide to leave:

  • photocopy or know where important documents are, such as marriage and birth certificates, passports, financial papers
  • have a mobile phone charged and topped up
  • open a savings account in your own name to establish your independence
  • decide who you could stay with, if the need arises
  • keep spare change for taxis and bus fares, if needed
  • agree a ‘code word’ you can use with police or other services

In an emergency, always call the police on 999.

Keep an escape bag

When you are ready to leave, you should also consider making an escape bag. It should contain:

  • passport and/or driving licence
  • birth certificate
  • benefits book, if applicable
  • NI number
  • medicines for you and/or your children
  • snacks
  • a change of clothes