Domestic Abuse

How to help someone in an abusive relationship

If you think a friend, family member or colleague is suffering abuse, you can help them.

Tell them they are not to blame for any of the behaviour. Let them know that they can get emotional support for themselves and any children they may have.

You should:

  • believe what they tell you and show you care
  • not expect them to make a sudden decision
  • help them to explore the choices they have
  • not mediate or be the contact person between them and the abuser
  • assure them they are not alone and there is help available
  • encourage them to speak to a specialist support service
  • offer practical help, such as the use of your address for post, telephone or computer
  • encourage them to take all threats seriously and report the abuse
  • never minimise the threats made by the abuser

If you believe a child is suffering you should report your concerns. The right support needs to be offered to the child and their parents or carers.

To report a concern, call us on 01522 782111.

If it is outside normal office hours, call 01522 782333.