Domestic Abuse

Advice and support for businesses

Domestic abuse has significant consequences for employers throughout the country.

Up to 75% of those experiencing domestic abuse are targeted at work and 54% miss at least three days of work a month. Employees suffering domestic abuse are also more likely to be preoccupied, find it difficult to concentrate and focus at work and have a hard time progressing within their role. 1 in 5 said they would stop going into work or take days off and 1 in 10 quit their job due to the impact of the abuse they were experiencing.

Business engagement

Business engagement is a national response for employers to have a consistent approach in understanding and supporting those in work that may disclose domestic abuse. In Lincolnshire, business engagement is key to identifying and offering appropriate support to those experiencing domestic abuse. The support offered is free and can help your workforce to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

If you would like further information on business engagement, you can contact

You can find further resources and a national toolkit at the Employers' Initiative on Domestic Abuse. You can also find a domestic abuse toolkit for businesses at Vodafone.

You can see a playlist of the business engagement that has already happened in Lincolnshire here.

Support for businesses

Identifying domestic abuse is part of a business’s safeguarding responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.  Up to 75% of those experiencing domestic abuse are targeted at work. The cost of domestic abuse to businesses is estimated at £316 million a year due to:

  • decreased productivity
  • time off work
  • lost wages
  • sick pay

It can have an adverse impact on staff morale, as well as a business’s image and reputation.

We want to establish links with businesses in the county to help you support staff affected by domestic abuse. This includes training to:

  • identify domestic abuse
  • assess risk
  • ensure positive action

This will give your business the confidence to:

  • raise the issue of domestic abuse with staff
  • increase the wellbeing and mental health of your workforce
  • demonstrate the effectiveness of your safeguarding procedures
  • demonstrate that you can create a culture of vigilance to actively promote you workforce’s welfare
  • identify when members of your workforce may be at risk of domestic abuse
  • identify if a person is worried about their own behaviour in their relationships
  • listen to the concerns of your workforce and support them accordingly

Our free support for businesses and the benefits

Our support has four key aims:

  • we will work with you to develop or re-design your safeguarding or domestic abuse procedures
  • deliver briefings to key staff to develop a strategic vision on domestic abuse
  • provide information on services and support for:
    • those being abused  
    • those who are worried about their own behaviour in their relationships
  • to introduce local services that employees can access, including training


  • your business will better understand domestic abuse and how it can affect your workforce
  • help your business to understand the link between:
    • low mental health
    • low productivity
    • high absenteeism
    • inappropriate use of disciplinary action
  • support your workforce to improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • improve productivity

Lincolnshire business domestic abuse advocacy programme

As an advocate you would demonstrate a commitment to raising awareness of domestic abuse within your business and your local community.

Expectations of a business advocate

  • provide opportunities for your workforce to complete relevant training
  • share and display posters and leaflets, electronically and as hard copies within the workplace and local community
  • display pop-up banners to raise awareness
  • sponsor a business engagement conference in your area
  • work with us to raise awareness of domestic abuse within your business
  • share the positive impact that working with us has had on your business

Becoming a business advocate

Contact us by email:

State the name of your business, and that you are interested in the Business Advocacy Programme

Benefits of being a business advocate

  • a Lincolnshire business domestic abuse advocate certificate can be displayed across your business and local community.  This demonstrates that you are committed to raising awareness of domestic abuse
  • the chance to receive the Advocate Award for Best Business at our annual conference
  • you can nominate staff for the Domestic Abuse Advocate Employee of the Year award
  • domestic abuse lanyards for key staff to wear, as advocates.  This lets employees know they can be approached if they have concerns regarding domestic abuse
  • a monthly newsletter, so you are always up to date regarding domestic abuse in the county
  • access to the Lincolnshire Professionals Hub.  This contains all the resources needed to support your workforce and local community
  • long-term support from us regarding domestic abuse within the workplace
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National Domestic Abuse helpline

Telephone: 0808 2000 247

Cover your tracks online

You can find information at the Womens Aid website on how to cover your tracks online

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