Domestic Abuse

If you're worried about your behaviour and looking for support

Do you worry about how you are treating someone you love?

Relationships can be challenging, and they can make us feel vulnerable. When we are with certain people, our emotions become intense:

  • we can get frustrated
  • feel jealous
  • worry when things aren't working out how we want them to

You might find yourself behaving in ways that hurt or scare the people around you and make you feel bad. Your behaviour may have consequences such as:

  • relationship breaking down
  • separation and break up
  • issues with looking after a child/children
  • the police being called out

Domestic abuse can hurt anyone affected, and it is never too late to seek help.

Acknowledging you need help is the first step to making a positive change.

This can feel daunting, but it is a step in the right direction to taking accountability.

Should you make contact with services that can help you to change.

  • your call will be confidential.
  • you will be treated with respect.
  • there will be no judgement.
  • you will be listened to.

Domestic abuse is not acceptable and there is never an excuse.

If you worry about your controlling or frightening behaviour, some services can help you to recognise this. They can offer support to make a positive change for your life and others around you.
If you are worried about your own abusive behaviour, please contact Respect 0808 802 4040.


A logo reading Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Partnership

National Domestic Abuse helpline

Telephone: 0808 2000 247

Cover your tracks online

You can find information at the Womens Aid website on how to cover your tracks online

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