Domestic Abuse

If you're worried about your behaviour

Domestic abuse is not acceptable, regardless of gender or the nature of the relationship.

Even if there is no criminal case or if someone doesn’t feel they can cut ties with their abuser, it is important to hold those that choose to abuse accountable - whilst offering them meaningful opportunities to change.

The are a number of reasons why people abuse, including:

  • To gain power and control
  • Induce fear in those they abuse

This can often lead to abusers excusing their behaviours and blaming them on substance misuse, mental health concerns or childhood trauma.

If you are worried about your behaviour, if someone has told you that you are abusing them, controlling them or frightening them then there are services that can support you to recognise this and look at making a positive change for your life and others it affects. 

If you would like further information on services you can contact to start the process of changing, visit Respect.