Household waste recycling centres' provision and usage policy

Policy statement 10: exchange of goods at sites

We support the principle of re-use.  We recognise that being able to use items again is a better option than recycling them.

For operational efficiency, the exchange or sale of goods on site between individual householders is not permitted.

Once goods are placed in the HWRC containers or collection areas, ownership passes to the council.  Where applicable, this includes our management contractors acting as our agents.

We encourage residents to consider whether their goods are in usable condition and, therefore, reusable before visiting HWRCs. Good quality and reusable goods can be:

  • directed to one of the many re-use organisations or charities 
  • traded or exchanged privately (but not on the HWRC sites)

The site contractors may salvage non-electrical materials for reuse and recycling.

We reserve the right to partner with charity organisations to introduce a reuse capacity at any site.  This facility can be withdrawn at any point.