Household waste recycling centres' provision and usage policy

Policy statement 8: gas bottles

Standard gas bottles (such as 15kg Calor gas bottles) remain the property of the gas bottle provider.  You should return them to a local supplier wherever possible.

Gas provided for medical reasons at home (such as oxygen) should be returned to the medical facility that provided them.

If you cannot source a local supplier, we will accept standard gas bottles at the HWRCs for re-use by the company that provided the cylinder. You must make site staff aware of any gas bottles they bring to a site. Site staff will then direct visitors to the appropriate location for disposal.

We do not accept gas bottles of any type (including helium, CO2 and LPG) in the general waste containers at the sites. Contents of the general waste containers are taken to an energy from waste site which cannot process gas bottles.

We will only accept helium canisters if the seal has been broken and the contents are fully discharged.