Household waste recycling centres' provision and usage policy

Policy statement 5: commercial waste

Our HWRCs are for the re-use, recycling, composting, recovery and disposal of waste from Lincolnshire residents’ own homes.

All businesses and commercial operators are legally responsible for ensuring that business waste is stored, transported and disposed of without harming the environment. This is called a duty of care.

Our HWRC management contractors and site staff have a duty to challenge site users to establish the source of waste arriving at a HWRC. Where there is sufficient reason to believe that waste is from a commercial source, site staff may ask for a declaration of household waste form to be completed.  They may or may not allow that visitor to deposit their waste. The information supplied may be passed to the county council and district council enforcement officers for investigation.

Our site management contractors and operatives will not accept commercial waste at any HWRCs. 

Businesses and commercial operators must make their own arrangements for the collection or disposal of their waste.  This can be done through:

  • their local waste collection authority or
  • a legitimate waste management company

Find out your obligations and possible methods for dealing with your commercial waste.