Household waste recycling centres' provision and usage policy

Policy statement 7: hazardous waste (chemicals and solvents)

All household chemicals brought to site must be in sealed, undamaged containers. If the chemical is not in the original container, you should clearly label the container according to their knowledge of the contents or product use. In these cases, you should ask site staff before depositing. This is to help maintain the health and safety requirements of the site and aid the contractors in managing materials appropriately.

You must make site staff aware of any materials that may be considered hazardous. Site staff will then direct you to the appropriate location for disposal.

We only accept chemicals in the quantities associated with typical use within the home.

We do not accept pharmaceuticals at HWRCs.  You should return them to a pharmacy for safe disposal. Veterinary supplies also cannot be accepted.  You should return them to a vet’s practice for safe disposal.

Ammunition and flares cannot be accepted at HWRCs. Please contact the following for these wastes:

  • ammunition - Lincolnshire police
  • flares – Coastguard or Lincolnshire police

Small household fire extinguishers can be accepted at HWRCs.  However, you should note the following points:

  • all empty extinguishers must have their handles taped together
  • full or part-full extinguishers must have a safety pin in place
  • CO2 extinguishers require a blanking cap if a swivel horn is not attached
  • extensively corroded extinguishers will not be accepted