Household waste recycling centres' provision and usage policy

Policy statement 6: hazardous waste (asbestos and engine oil)


Residents may dispose of up to 40kg per year of cement-bonded white asbestos (chrysotile) through our designated contractors. We will supply you with two bags to contain the asbestos.

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Asbestos must be wrapped in accordance with HSE guidelines. The bags we supply comply with the guidance.

A summary of general advice and guidance is:

  • wear a dust mask approved for asbestos
  • wear disposable overalls and gloves
  • keep other people away from the working area
  • wet the material well with water containing a little washing up liquid - check that there is no potential for contact with electricity first
  • always remove whole sheets or component - do not break them up
  • double wrap all material in thick polythene (1,000 gauge) and seal
  • clean up all dust with a damp cloth and then seal it in a plastic bag whilst damp
  • do not use a domestic vacuum cleaner as dust may pass through the filter

(This is for guidance only and is not an exhaustive list. For further guidance on asbestos, see the HSE website

Before visiting a site to dispose of asbestos, you must have used the bags we supplied and fixed the tags to them.

At the disposal location, you must report to the site office and follow the directions of the site staff. You are responsible for removing the material from the vehicle and placing it in the skip. You must place the bags carefully in the skip and not throw them in. We can only accept asbestos material on sites if fits in the supplied bags.

You may use a contractor or tradesperson to remove the asbestos material.  It is the responsibility of that contractor or tradesperson to dispose of this correctly as commercial waste (see policy statement 5). Before hiring anyone to deal with asbestos, you should check that they have the necessary waste carriers licence from the Environment Agency. 

Contact us on 01522 782070 if you need further advice.

Engine oil

You should pour engine oil into the marked collection tanks at each HWRC. Oil containers should be deposited in the marked bins.

You should use containers no larger than 10 litres.  This is due to the weight and the manual handling required to pour the oil into the tank.

You can deposit a maximum of 10 litres of engine oil per month.