Corporate plan

Our vision: Working for a better future

Our Vision


Welcome to Lincolnshire County Council’s Corporate Plan, which sets out what we want to achieve for local residents and communities.

Our ambitions go far beyond what we can deliver on our own, so you will find detailed here how we will work with public and private organisations to bring greater and lasting benefits to our county.

The Corporate Plan underpins our ‘One Council’ approach, which ensures all services are working towards shared goals and will help different areas of the council work together more effectively.

In 2019/20, the total cost of services Lincolnshire County Council provides will amount to £1,303m, inclusive of schools. The current capital programme encompasses planned spend of £119m in 2019/20 and a further £146m in future years.

We want to be a council that continues to offer our residents the services they need and the lifestyle they deserve, but that also shows strong leadership and speaks up proudly for Lincolnshire.

We are identifying key priorities for this council and for Lincolnshire. We are determined that in the coming years people and communities will have:

  1. High aspirations

  2. The opportunity to enjoy life to the full

  3. Thriving environments

  4. Good-value council services

Martin Hill and Debbie Barnes signatures

Graphic showing the make up of the population and area of Lincolnshire