A16 Levelling Up Fund improvements

The A16 Levelling Up Fund improvement scheme will see a total of five projects carried out along the A16 corridor between Boston and Spalding – a key route for the agri-food industry.

The planned projects are:

  • A16 / Marsh Lane Roundabout, Boston: Construction of a new dedicated free-flow lane for A16 northbound to allow for a further dedicated right-turn lane into the Marsh Lane Industrial Estate, making it quicker for freight vehicles accessing and egressing Marsh Lane. An enhanced non-motorised user crossing across Marsh Lane arm will also be built.
  • A16 / B1180 Pinchbeck Roundabout: Replacing the current roundabout with a new, larger roundabout that has improved entry and exit lanes. A dedicated left-turn lane coming from A16 south to the B1180 will also be constructed. 
  • A16 / A151 Springfield Roundabout: Increasing the size of the roundabout, adding additional entry and exit lanes on the A16, and improving entry and exit lanes on the A151.
  • Wyberton Low Road Active Mode Improvements, Boston: Provision of cycle tracks on London Road, upgraded signalised crossing over the A16, and consideration of a 20mph speed limit with traffic calming measures along Wyberton Low Road with a shared use footpath. The scheme will address the conflict between cycle users and Heavy Goods Vehicles on Marsh Lane through the Riverside Industrial Estate.
  • A151 Camel Gate Junction Active Mode Improvements, Spalding: Provision of a two-way segregated cycle track on the east side of Camel Gate, signalised crossing, widening of the existing shared use path on Holbeach Road and to improve connections to the Springfield Outlet area.

Aims and Benefits

  • Reduce congestion along the A16 corridor between Boston and Spalding
  • Address the major connectivity issues impacting the A16
  • Provide improved walking and cycling facilities along the corridor
  • Open up the area for further investment opportunities
  • Complement other local transport and renewal projects underway or planned in Lincolnshire

Cost and Funding

We received up to £20m in ‘Levelling Up’ funding from central government in October 2021. This funding will be used across five projects. Specific costs for each scheme are currently being worked on and will be shared once complete.


*All future dates are projected and subject to change dependent on external factors.