Life skills

Owning a pet

Owning a pet involves responsibilities, including feeding and cleaning. If you decide to get a pet, you must remember to:  

  • feed it a proper diet and fresh water  
  • have somewhere suitable to live  
  • keep it with or away from other animals, depending on its needs  
  • protect it from, and treat it for, illness and injury  
  • microchip it, if needed, and keep your contact details up to date 

Think PETS:  

  • P – how suitable is the place where you live?  
  • E – how much exercise can you give your pet?  
  • T – how much time can you spend with your pet?  
  • S – can you afford to spend money on your pet?

The PDSA have a quiz on their website that will help you decide if you are ready to own a pet.   

Buying a pet  

Before you buy a pet, you should consider:  

  • an animal charity first  
  • seeing young animals with their mum  
  • visiting the pet  
  • your pet's needs  

If you have any queries or would like some help with your pets, contact the RSPCA