Life skills

Form filling

You need to develop life skills to be able to live independently in the community.

Life skills include how to fill in forms, drive, make friends, and cook. It includes making decisions about where you want to live and what job you want to do.   

You will have to fill in forms if you apply for a job, university, benefits or a house. You can fill in forms:

  • by hand  
  • online and then signing by hand  
  • by writing and then sending them online  

When you are filling in a form:  

  • read it carefully before you start  
  • ask someone if you need help  

There can be different types of questions and ways of answering them, like,

  • ticking of crossing empty boxes  
  • crossing out a box  
  • writing a letter in a box  
  • circling an answer  
  • using drop-down boxes or tick buttons online  

For more skills and tips on filling in forms, visit BBC skillwise