Transport for children with SEND

If your child has an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan, you will need to:

For more advice, read the school and college transport policy.

Transport will only be provided to the nearest school or college which meets your child’s needs, as agreed by the county council.

To contact the school transport team, email or call 01522 782020.

Independent travel training

Independent travel training is for anyone who has an entitlement to transport provided by us. 

It involves one-to-one training to help children and young people develop the confidence and skills needed to travel independently.  

For more details, read about Independent Travel Training.

Travel schemes

There are many schemes in Lincolnshire to help people with a disability to get out and about.

Some schemes will pick you up from your address using accessible minibuses available throughout the day. 


CallConnect is an on-demand bus service. To find out more:

  • Visit the CallConnect website 
  • Call 0345 234 3344 (Lincolnshire)
  • Call 0345 263 8153 (Stamford, Peterborough and Nene and Welland)
  • Call 0345 263 8139 (North Lincolnshire)