SEND mediation and tribunals

Mediation is a step that you must consider in most appeal cases. It is a positive way of settling the dispute between you and the local authority.

It involves a meeting between you and the local authority with an independent mediator. The mediator will help you reach an agreement on the points of dispute. It is free of charge. 

Most issues will be resolved with mediation, however, if you disagree with a decision the authority make, you can appeal to the SEND Tribunal.

To find out more about mediation and tribunals, read our identifying and supporting SEND pages.

How Liaise can support you

We can provide resource packs to support families through mediation and tribunal processes.

You can also arrange a telephone appointment with a Liaise caseworker to discuss your appeal. 

If you are allocated a caseworker, they will guide you through the process. They can also attend the mediation or tribunal hearing with you as your helper. 

Further support and legal help