Moving on from special school

Available robust transition support

Support to ensure a successful transition for children and young people from special to mainstream school. 

In Lincolnshire, most children and young people with special educational needs are able to have their needs successful met in inclusive classes in their local mainstream school.  

Depending on their individual learning needs, some children and young people benefit from a specialist education setting for a portion or all their education.  

Every year students, who have accessed a period of time in a special school, are supported to successfully make the transition from special to mainstream school. With the appropriate support, they go onto thrive academically, learn important life skills, and develop their independence in preparation for adulthood.

As a parent or carer, you may decide your child is now ready to make the step to mainstream school because of the progress they have made and is ready for a wider educational experience. The school or other professional may also suggest a move following regular review of your child’s needs and outcomes achieved.

In Lincolnshire, we are committed to making sure that when a step into mainstream school is planned, the experience is as positive as possible, without ever putting pressure on a family to make this move, as we recognise that you know your child best.  

Lincolnshire’s Transition Protocol provides clear step by step support throughout the transition.  

From the initial planning stage to the successful inclusion at the mainstream school, the Pupil Reintegration Team oversees each step of the transition.  They work in tandem with parent/carers and their child, liaising with all involved to ensure a smooth, well-planned transition.